Things People Ask...

Howdy - here's a page of our frequently asked questions or things you might not know or want to find out. Don't be afraid to pop into our DMs at if you want to know anymore goss!


$20 from your TRIAL kit purchase can go towards your full set once you decide you love our products

- Limit (one per customer)
- Same email must be used
- The discount code will be sent to your email once your trial kit order has been made
- To be used within 60 days post purchase of your TRIAL KIT
- Applicable for the OG SET or HOTBOX only
- Not redeemable for cash


No fear friends. We’ve aimed to make this as easy and user friendly as possible. 

To use: it’s as easy as

- Twist my bottom clockwise
- Pump my head 

To refill: 

- Make sure I’m closed

- Pop my bottom - don’t be shy - you’re going to have to use a finger..

- Replace with refill cartridge

NOTE: If your bottle doesn't give off that satisfying click - make sure you twist the bottle clockwise to its opened state and then pop it back in.

TA-DA! That’s it folks! If you’re still having troubles, check out our juicy info tab on the bottom left on how to refill our bottles or email us at

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly packaging, you’ve come to the right place! We make it our goal to have sustainable packaging where we can to help do our bit. We have created our REFILLABLE bottles with the highest quality - only for the best - to allow users to continually utilise us over and over again without feeling wasteful! 

And, yes of course - our inner refill bottles are 100% recyclable (including cap) so just toss them into the recycling bin once you’re done - just give them a rinse prior!


Hell no! We are 110% all legal baby! We understand the confuzzles around hemp and the relationship to our aunt MJ and we’re here to say we are "the welcomed into Australia version".

Although we come from the same family tree - heh literally - we’re the oil extracted from the seed with less than 1% of THC and 0% psychedelic effects that aunt MJ possesses. So rest assured hunnies, ain’t nobody but our Pineapple Express mask taking you anywhere tonight besides your bathroom. 

Ah, well isn’t that lucky that I don’t discriminate against no skin type! I am suitable for ALL y’all beautiful skin INCLUDING sensitive as we’re fragrant free! My hero MR HEMP in all products is dubbed nature’s most balanced oil and is non-comedogenic meaning that it doesn’t clog pores - even acne prone skin! 

Of course - sometimes it’s just not meant to be and if any irritation occurs - please discontinue use. It could be that switching to new skincare causes purging so chill for a few days and see what happens. For instance, some perfect imperfections like to pop up - but it’s just our skin doing it’s thing - clearing all the gunk under the trunk to keep it fresh once your skin is used to us! 

We have our trial kits available as well for you to test out our range before committing to the full size.

If for any reason you believe this is not the case - please email us at

Nope. Zilch. Nada! We’re proudly fragrant free cause we don’t want to f*ck with anyone’s reactions to any allergies caused by fragrance. We’re just here for a good time & and a long time ;) 

We’re proudly handmade and filled in small batches in Melbourne, Australia so that your products stay as fresh as possible!

We also work closely with two cosmetic chemists with over 40 years experience in the skincare formulating field so you’re in good hands!

Oh hey mama! Yes, our products are safe for pregnancy! If you are researching online - we use ‘hemp seed oil’, which contains less than 1% THC making it safe for pregnant ladies to use. We’ll make your glowing skin even glowier! 

Of course - if you still have concerns, please consult your doctor.

Hell yes you can! Our formulas are ultra sensitive without harsh chemicals and can be used and paired with other brands. You can easily add any of our products to your current routine or for optimal results - use altogether!

Ah yes, glad you noticed! That's because our formula is formulated without silicone and appears whiter than what you may be used to. No fear - just use our 6 finger method (3 middle fingers from each hand) to warm up the product first - about 5 seconds - before applying to your skin for even absorption! Otherwise - we're sure your skin wouldn't mind a little extra massage ;)

Like all good things - patience and consistency is key with this one! As it takes about 28 days for new skin cells to regenerate and adjust to the new products, we recommend that our products are used for at least 3-4 weeks before results are shown.

Note: there are many other factors that can cause varying results to your skin - not just skincare! Check our instagram @kokoandkush for tips on how to keep your skin glowing inside & out!

Nope, not here satan! Koko&Kush does not and will never test on animals because we love our fury friends.

We only test on hunnies, not bunnies!


We’re available online only at 

We currently only ship to Australia & NZ! Check out our Shipping section for more info!

Aw shucks! If you’ve made a mistake email us ASAP at
Make sure you include your order name & number so we can easily find you!

We’ll do our best to help but since our minions are quick AF, sometimes your order may have already been processed and sent. Once it’s left our hands, we’re unable to control what happens next but you can view our return policy here.

Guess who just did a happy dance? Thanks for the support! Patience is a virtue but let’s face it - how exciting is it to wait in anticipation for a parcel! 

We offer free shipping for orders above $120

For express shipping to Australia : 1-3 Business Days

For shipping to New Zealand : up to 7 Business Days

NOTE: Due to covid - please allow an extra 7-14 to cater for any delays

Note: We aim to dispatch our orders within 1-2 business days from our warehouse in Melbourne, Australia.

Also, it was me who just did a happy dance :)

I like you. You’re a smart thinker saving them dollars instead of having to repost! And YES - just pop their details in the receiver’s address section and it’ll go straight to them. Don’t worry, we won’t include the receipt but we can include a little note from you - just jot it into the notes section!